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The windy terrace embracing Hoan Kiem Lake is a great space for Terraço's muses to dress up, enjoy cocktails, share stories and relax in the poetic scenery of the city till midnight.
On every Wednesday night, Terraço offers our guests many special promotions which represent the beauty of a modern woman:
💄 "Energetic" as our upbeat DJ performances till midnight
💄 "Sexy" as our special drinks inspired by the attractive feminine beauty of a woman
💄 And "Full of Surprises" with an exiciting DART GAME. In this game, ladies will have the opportunity to win high-valued prizes from our Bartender, including different levels of discounts corresponding to the winning results. Especially, if you succeed at throwing darts right at the bullseye your total bill will be free of charge.
Book now to enjoy a chilling midweek break, ladies!