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Gentlemen's night - A special day for gentlemen
Every Thursday Night!!

A chilling terrace space with a panoramic view of the old town at night is an ideal place for gentlemen who have an aromatic alcohol taste and desire to relax after a long day. Enjoy a bittersweet cocktail, feel the music blend into the breeze in my ear, share your stories and let all sorrow left behind. Just a time for yourself to silently meditate, relax and recharge.
Coming to Terraço's Gentlemen's Night, you will have a relaxing night with aromatic alcohol and a variety of fantastic drinking games:
  • Buy 2 get 1 free, apply for Whiskey shots
  • Special menu with drinks that fascinates gentlemen's taste
In addition, Gentlemen's night will become even more exciting with the presence of drinking games, typically game cards or Roulette table, all available at Terraço, waiting for you to come to explore and challenge.
Please reserve a table to have the best view!