About Terraço Sky Bar

A Breathtaking view

Located on the top floor of La Sinfonía del Rey Hotel, Terraço Bar offers 360-degree paranomic views over Hanoi’s legendary Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple and Turtle Tower, three of the city’s most iconic attractions. Taking a sip of our signature cocktail whilst feasting your eyes on a shape-shifting city of buzzing motorbikes, architectural mismatch, and dazzling street life couldn’t be more perfect for a chilling nightout.



A Hanoi inspired menu

Our drink menu takes inspiration from Hanoi’s quintessence and heritage. Each signature cocktail tells the story of an ancient Old Quarter street through its flavor and character, mixed with modern local trends that amplify a unique and classy spirit. There’s nothing quite like a Hàng Bông, a Quảng Bá, or a Mã Mây to impress and ease you into the evening.

An effortlessly stylish decor

Settle into a cozy nook to take in the ancient Hanoi’s royal theme or discover the Terraço Bar’s contemporary side by scoring a table in the outdoor hectic area. Spacious and beautifully elegant, this is a bar whose sparkling energy is sure to leave you spellbound.

Enrichment of the brand legacy

We are committed to bring customers the best quality products with incredibly distinct taste that highlights Terraço's charming personalities. Our classic line of cocktails is made of premium ingredients aged for at least one month and handcrafted in every step of the way, ensuring a sophisticated and complex flavor profile. We believe that building a legacy requires so much more than just some average glasses of cocktails.

A few words about us...